Trailer Theorie

Vor ein paar Jahren schrieb Nick Lobnitz (der gut aussehende Kerl im Bild und Carry Freedoms Design-Guru), einen Artikel über Trailer-Theorie.

Er spricht über den Unterschied zwischen zwei Rad-Anhängern und Einrad-Anhängern und bietet eine Menge Hintergrundinformationen, die einige unserer Konkurrenten gerne zitieren;>))

Dieses Blatt wird dich zu einem Trailer-Experte machen ….!

Es ist auf unserer Download Seite zusammen mit vielen anderen nützlichen Sachen, einschließlich Handbücher, technische Daten und Kataloge. Genießen Sie die Freiheit.


Trailer Science
Carry Freedom Support Page

Teile diesen Beitrag:

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  • Janet 16. Mai 2016   Reply →

    Did you really mean „expertise“ or would „treatise“ be a better word?

    • Bob 17. Mai 2016   Reply →

      You’re probably right. i’ll change it. Thanks for checking.

  • Jon 28. August 2016   Reply →

    I was impressed by your trailers, and was interested in reading your article on trailer science, hoping for insight on the science behind trailer design. The article describes the benefits of trailers over panniers, and while there may be a scientific basis for its claims, I can’t see it turning anyone into a trailer expert, although it might just persuade them to buy one! It does contain useful information about the benefits of trailers, but I would prefer a more accurate title as it comes across like a stealth sales pitch at the moment.

    • Bob 12. September 2016   Reply →

      Hi Jon,
      I think the trailer science report is obviously a little „tongue in cheek“ and are we biased? Hell yeah! But the information about panniers wiggling is still true. So don’t blame me if you come to a trailer website and we are blowing our own horn! ;>) I’m still sure it’s the best trailer out there. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. Best.

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