Y-Frame best European Trailer

The experts at the Danish Cyclists Federation organized and oversaw, on behalf of the EU project, Cyclelogistics and the European Cyclists’ Federation, a thorough test of load trailers. The tests were carried out over a period of five days by five experienced persons or small companies who bike daily and are trained to review cycling products. They were simply told to let the item become a regular part of their daily routine. They then gave each trailer a score out of five stars with five stars being the best and zero stars being the worst in addition to providing further comments and critiques. The reviews are honest and based on how well the products function in real life daily use.

Stars are awarded to three different aspects of the trailer:
Holiday: How does the trailer preform on cycle holidays?
Shopping: How does the trailer preform during normal shopping?
Garden center: How does the trailer preform during trips to the garden center?

As the results show the best all round trailer was the Carry Freedom Y-Frame! Yihaaaaa!

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Test results in english
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Ergebnisse in deutsch
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En francais
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Another German magazine test!

The biggest German bicycle magazine „Aktiv Radfahren“ has just tested the Carry Freedom Y trailer. The test went very well with the reporter Jens Kockerbeck talking about the flexibility of the Y and the elegant style and simplicity of the trailer. Yes, if you ride it empty it’s a little loud, but put a load on and you almost forget it. And who buys a trailer to ride it empty?

We’re proud of another great review for the Y. Those of you who understand some German can read it here.

Aktiv Radfahren – Testbericht

And here is a link to the Aktiv-Radfahren Website: Click

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German Magazine Tests „the Y“

Radtouren (Bike Touring) Magazine in Germany has just tested load trailers in its latest issue. The German Magazine has a circulation of 40,000 readers and is dedicated to touring with bikes. The „Y“topped the list with the best „price-performance ratio“ of all load trailers.

Link: Radtouren Magazin – German Link

[blockquote type=’2′ message=’A simple and well-conceived concept. This flexible trailer performs well in day-to-day life and the price is unrivalled.‘ author=’Georg Bleicher – Radtouren‘]

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