Around New Zealand

Don’t follow this bike is the message ;>)) Atila war über 10 Monate mit Ihrem Fahrrad unterwegs in Neu Seeland. Now his journey is over and he is back to his starting point Dunedin. His pre-production Y-Surf is still going strong after about 10,000 kilometers of road, track and beach. Attila is making a film about the whole trip. He has posted many videos and you can find them all here:

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The last video is a good film to watch, there are a couple of good shots of the Y-Surf and also you can see just how cold i can be on a trip like this. But the Y-Surf made it to the end of the trip, carrying Atila and his word and gear right around New Zealand. We at Carry freedom are proud to sponsor Atila and the adventure he completed. Watch the final episode here:

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Good trailer shots at 4:46,  7:52 and the final shot at 9:37. Congratulations!

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