Ice cream on a trailer…

Kevin Walker has his own business. He delivers home made ice cream on a Schwinn Beach cruiser and a Carry Freedom Trailer. He has made a business out of this clever idea and can be seen at many different events in England. See his news feature here:

Popscycle News Link

This what Kevin has to say:

I have been a keen non-lycra wearing member of the cycling fraternity since I got my first balloon tired Raleigh „Dido“ at the age of 5. I have owned a couple of beach cruisers and I find them suited to everyday „sit up and beg style“ of riding on mixed terrain (I don’t do hills). I had the inspiration to create a 1950’s Diner style experience, and using that theme set about designing and constructing a mobile ice cream trailer. This is based on the well engineered Carry Freedom Y trailer platform.

Contact Kevin at

pops2The Freezer Trailer

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Bike trailer caravan kit

Nice job here from Wooden Widget who usually make dinghys – they will be releasing the plans for this soon. This would be great for a short holiday. It’s built on the basis of a Carry Freedom traielr and uses some of our parts.

Link :

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TAUKO – Urban clothes from a mobile store

TAUKO is a small Helsinki-based eco-fashion label, they make some great clothes and just recently they were in Copenhagen driving around the city by bike, towing their own mobile store on a Carry Freedom Y. Thanks to Till for the great photo. Check out TAUKO using the link here >>>>>

Photography by Till Bovermann

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